The challenge: bigger than accounting software
Wave brand has grown and evolved so much that the company need a more dynamic way to represent itself. The challenge of this rebrand journey was to create an experience that looks, sounds, and feels empowering, inspiring and supportive.
Brand inspiration: brave entrepreneurs
By tapping into the wisdom of small business owners to understand the challenges and emotions they face, we explored different creative approaches and human truths around being an entrepreneur, from being part of a tribe to taking the road less traveled to finding your productivity ‘flow’. After several rounds of conversations we landed on a concept that would become Wave's new entrepreneur-centric brand focus.
Brand essence: believe
This sense of belief is a powerful, driving force for achieving success. It pushes out feelings of fear. It summons energy through exhaustion. It fuels ingenuity when problems arise. And, most importantly, it drowns out the sound of those who don’t believe.
Logo: a new Wave

The existing icon mark was a barreling wave, and while it was balanced and symmetrical, one could see how it brings to mind a spinning, crashing wave. This didn't reflect the concept of ‘believe,’ so the challenge was to explore alternatives that would do it better. 
After dozens of options, we settled on a stylized letter ‘w’ that represents a surging wave. Rather than crashing down, it’s focused on the moment where momentum is building. At the same time, the three lines of the ‘w’ resemble a graph showing financial growth. Together the new logo embodies the idea of simplified finances, growth, and power in a positive, upward motion. The wordmark was also refreshed with a clean, humanist look.
Design System: bringing it all together

The new look is about being approachable yet modern; crisp but not stuffy.
Palette: Bold and confident.
The palette was moved toward rich, vibrant colors with a clean, fresh vibe.
Typography:  Distinct and approachable. 
The typography was updated to be bolder and have more personality with the geometric Averta font. It’s full letter forms give it a strong presence, but it’s roundness keeps it open and accessible. 
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